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Position: Toll Supervisor

Job Description: 

  • Management of violation transactions
  • Supervise and monitor toll plaza located on either European side or Asian side
  • Management of customer complaints.
  • Evaluates all available toll collection data to find evidence of malpractice and fraud
  • Secures and documents all evidence found.
  • Presents and endorses the evidence in legal proceedings
  • Recommends preventive measures to minimize the risk of fraud
  • Prepares dash boards with indicators for illegal passes.
  • Conducts periodic analysis of customer complaints statistics, illegal pass actions and determines proper corrective measures
  • Daily reporting of and reconciliation of tolling activities.
  • Preparation of comprehensive Monthly Tolling Report
  • Supervision of the tolling staff.
  • Manage, under delegation from the Toll Manager, the relations with the other company.
  • To identify the discrepancies between various source of data and share with the other company and Toll Manager Maintain full operational awareness of all information flows, system checkpoints and all internal control functions of the Toll Plaza
  • Ensure Toll Plaza equipment is in proper working order and liaise with Technical Director/IT Manager/System Manager to rectify problems as required
  • Propose improvements for the toll system and procedures,
  • Perform regular and ad hoc Management reports.
  • Prepare shift rosters for all Toll Staff
  • Collecting the documentation of toll collection accurately and to provide the documents when necessary
  • Reporting faulty equipment
  • To Measure and follow the performances or Toll Department staff in parallel with company strategies
  • To participate Job interviews and to plan start – work trainings
  • To manage the documentation received from governmental agencies
  • To comply with the relevant procedures, directives and other legal requirements of all certificated management systems
  • To back up Toll Manager when necessary 
  • Comply with HSE rules and procedures, code of ethic rules and HR policies of the Company

The Role:

  • Bachelor’s degree qualified in an appropriate and acceptable discipline with demonstrated experience in supervisory positions relating to Operations will be highly regarded
  • Experience in Toll collection or similar sectors
  • Experience in toll collection system software’s
  • Excellent data analysis skills
  • Advance level of SQL
  • Excellent reporting skills
  • Excellent data base software knowledge
  • Experience in big size data management
  • Demonstrated proficiency in utilizing MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • Knowledge of statutes, codes and regulations pertaining to toll enforcement and collection 
  • Knowledge of equipment used for toll facilities Team management experience is a must
  • Managerial and motivate skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • To work under pressure
  • To have strong analytic skills
  • Demonstrated conflict resolution skills
  • To have experience in official correspondences 
  • Upper-intermediate English is a must
  • B-class valid driving license
  • No military service obligation for male candidates
10-15 Yıl
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Otoyol İşletmeciliği
Toll Supervisor
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Tam Zamanlı
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